Illinois State Hockey Welcomes Ethan Chesney!
Illinois State Redbirds welcome Ethan Chesney to the family! Chesney, a 5'-10" 161 lb. forward is an Elgin, IL native. He joins the R [...]
Transfer Alert! Pavel Bakhtin Join ISU from Indiana Tech!
Illinois State Redbirds welcome Pavel Bakhtin to the family! Bakhtin, a 6'-2" 194 lb. forward is a West Bloomfield, MI native. He joins [...]
Illinois State Hockey Welcomes Andreas Zorn!
Illinois State Redbirds welcome Andreas Zorn to the family! Zorn, a 5'-10" 180 lb. defensemen is a Chicago, IL native. He joins the R [...]
Redbirds add Triple Threat from the CSDHL
The Redbirds have a long and proud tradition of bringing in strong Central States talent into their program.  The 2023-24 season will c [...]