Our Staff

Adam Trzaska
Club President
Will Kelly
Club Vice President
Brennan Mitchell
Club Treasurer
Email: Email: Wilkelly@comcast.net Email: bmitchell0133@gmail.com

Nicky Burns
General Manager
Chris Prewitt
Director of Hockey Operations
Lindsay Prewitt
Marketing and Merchandising Director
Phil Fazio Sr.
Accounting Director
Email: nfredb@aol.com
Phone: (309) 310-3274
Email: Christopher.A.Prewitt @gmail.com
Phone: (309) 825-4211
Email: llprewitt1219@gmail.com
Phone: (309) 838-5794

Frank Blaine
Game Day Production and Videographer
LA Decker
Web Broadcaster and PA Announcer
Sophia Andrews
Photography and Social Media
Joey Natoli
Photography and Social Media
Brennan Mitchell
Digital Media and Social Media