ISU D2 and D3 Schedule for 2023-24 Season!

The schedule for the Division Two and Three Redbirds has been released! The Division Two Redbirds have 28 games and the Division Three Redbirds have 27 games on the schedule this year. There will be some familiar teams and some new teams for the Redbirds to compete against.

The Division Two Redbirds will have their fair share of Top 15 competition this season including;

  • #4 Trine
  • #5 DePaul
  • #9 Iowa (National Runner Ups)
  • #12 Adrian

The D2 Redbirds start their season against rival Bradley Braves at home to continue the War on I-74.


The Division Three Redbirds will also have some Top 15 competition including;

  • #6 Arkansas
  • #8 Mizzou
  • #10 Purdue
  • #12 Missouri State

The D3 Birds will start the season against Mizzou Tigers in the first home weekend.


The Redbirds look to head back to the playoffs on this campaign and we hope to see all our fans in the stands this season!