ISU D1 Schedule for 2023-24 Season!

The schedule for the Division One Redbirds has been released! The Redbirds have 38 games on the schedule this year. There will be some familiar teams and some new teams for the Redbirds to compete against.

The Redbirds will have their fair share of Top 15 competition this season including;

  • #7 Jamestown
  • #9 Maryville
  • #13 Grand Valley University
  • #1 U Mary (D2 West)

The Division One Redbirds have seven theme/event nights throughout the year including;

  • 9/22 Vs Maryville (Youth Sports Night)
  • 9/23 Vs Maryville (Alumni Night)
  • 10/27 Vs Jamestown (Breast Cancer Awareness Night)
  • 10/28 Vs Jamestown (Halloween Night)
  • 11/10 Vs NIU (ISU Club Night)
  • 12/7 Vs McKendree (Teddy Bear Toss)
  • Senior Night (TBA)

The Redbirds look to head back to the National tournament on this campaign and we hope to see all our Redbird fans in the stands this season!