Interns/Volunteers Wanted for the Upcoming Season!

Want to be involved with Illinois State Hockey? We are looking for reliable, energetic, committed individuals to fill the below roles for the upcoming 2022-2023 season. Volunteer and Intern roles are non-paid positions, but we will work with ISU or other
schools for intern credit. The following roles are lead positions. We are looking for these individuals to build a team to help with each function.

Equipment Manager (need one for all three teams)
● Ensure players have the needed equipment and it’s in good working order
● Sharpen skates when needed
● Setup snacks and drinks for the team(s) in the locker room
● Fill water bottles before the game and between periods

Game Day Production Support (Home games only) (Filled)
● Operations for preparing and copying scoresheet, provide to PA, videographer, scorekeeper, and music person
● Prepare a schedule for locker room doors
● Work with Gameday Production lead/PA Announcer to ensure any special groups in attendance are recognized

Game Day Operations (Home games only)
● Determine what will take place between periods
● Ensure there is staff available to run games or other between period activities
● Chuck-a-puck, Kahoot, teddy bear toss, Rec league 6U/8U scrimmage
● Coordinate staff for admissions table (BIC games only)
● Coordinate staff for the concession stand(s) (Arena games only)

Game Day Music Coordinator (Home games only)
● Create a schedule to ensure coverage for music at each home game
● Coordinate music for the national anthem – do community outreach and get local school choirs or other local talent.
● Work with Production Support to ensure any local talent is recognized on the video board

Game Day Merchandising Coordinator
● Staff the merchandise table
● Note requests from customers for new merch
● Document fast/slow-moving products
● Work with Marketing and Merchandising Director when additional products need to be ordered

Media (Filled)
● Media Day
● Gameday/Candid Photos
● Social Media Posts
● Videos
● Website Posts/Photography

Support team
Individuals who aren’t able to commit a lot of time, but still want to be involved on
occasion. These individuals would assist with the roles above in a supportive role.

If interested in any of the above positions, please reach out to Nicky Burns – to express your interest and availability.